Barismil is a family business started by Mr Barkat Din in 1938. Now into the third generation of founder it is managed by Sons of Mr M Ismail. Barismil is based in Islamabad Pakistan where we have workshop where we produce world class handcrafted leather products using generation old techniques.

Having work with numerous prominent projects like British Royal Air force, Number of multi-national engineering companies from Europe which build number of Dams in Pakistan, now Barismil is most popular with diplomatic missions in Islamabad with customer base of ambassadors of countries to Pakistan like USA, Australia, UK, Switzerland and France among the few prominent.

Now one of the brother who has studied fashion designing, designs our products and works with experienced craftsmen to produce masterpieces.

With time as we have felt the need we have created two more brands Saltoro and Todgator.

Saltoro is our ready to wear shoe brand for customer who don’t have time for bespoke but requires same custom grade fitting. Where as Todgator is ready to wear handmade shoes for babies and toddlers all made from soft leathers.

Barismil is parent brand and owns both Saltoro and Todgator.

A humble invitation to all to experience the blend of old handcrafting skills with modern designs and appreciate the quality of pure leather products as they age with you for years to come.



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We are always working on new designs to meet the changing demand. Do check our new items and we are open to working on new projects if you have any.

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